Covid 19 Gallery

St. Michael's has had a strong creative ethos since its foundation 100 years ago, which has shown itself in the activities which take place in the church and in the contribution of groups and individuals to its decoration, both permanent and seasonal.

Once social isolation guidelines started to be introduced at the onset of the current pandemic, it was decided to suspend weekday activities at St. Michael's including Pop In and Paint. So instead of physically coming together and showing each other what they had created, it was suggested to members that they send in artwork reflecting the current times and some words to go with it. A selection is shown below together with other seasonal material. We would be very happy to receive other similar material - not just paintings but also poetry or other craft work - to add to these pages.

                                      SPRING IS ON ITS WAY

The bluebells are out in the woods next to Hervines Park.

Roland Gillott

Garden in Parsonage Place

Joy Johns



Judy Redpath




In spite of all the sadness and problems created by the virus, 

these small spring flowers remind us of God's bountiful love

bringing new life and hope for the future. 






A new use for an old hammock

Nicola Petrou-Amerikanos






Make me a Channel of Thy Peace
Jenny Thompson
I have always loved the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi & at this time the following words in particular strike a chord. " Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where is sickness, joy.. I hope that my painting gives a feeling of peace & that in the not too distant future we will all feel the sea spray & the wind on our faces again.



Glenys McHale

If we look out

Into the vast night

There’s more than what is seen

There’s the unseen, the unheard

There would be no path

For the stars to align

Across the sky

Nothing for us to place words

And nothing for the eye to see.


The Lord is my Shepherd in these difficult times