The Roderick Quiet Garden and The Labyrinth

The Roderick Quiet Garden at St. Michael's - A sanctuary set back from the busy high street and easily accessible through the gate to the right of St. Michael & All Angels, The Roderick Quiet Garden offers a place to sit in peace and contemplation alone or with others.

In the spring and summer the garden comes to life with the scent and colour of the many beautiful roses and other flowers planted there, while through the railings the gentle hum of life on the main road seems both distant and comforting.

The Labyrinth at St. Michael's - On the opposite side of St. Michael’s, a labyrinth offers guests the opportunity to engage in active contemplation along a circular stone pathway.

Walking the Labyrinth – some suggestions

As you enter the labyrinth, reflect upon…

What do you need?

What do you seek?

Walking in -

Release anxieties and distractions and allow your mind to quieten and be open.

At the Centre –

Receive, be still to receive what the divine gives:


Walking out -

Return along the same path.

Be aware of what you have gained from the walk and take out any new resolve or strength into your daily life.


Note your thoughts, feelings and any mood changes as you walk.

Especially anything that puzzles or raises questions for you.


Find your own rhythm and speed.

Stay at the centre of the labyrinth as long as you need.

© Mollie Robinson: Quiet Garden Movement,

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